Bishop Tissier de Mallerais endorses Volume II of Bishop Wiliamson’s Letters

CH-1908 Riddes

6 October 2008

Dear Mr. Heiner,

The second Volume of "Letters from the Rector" by Bishop Richard Williamson which you sent me has arrived, and I am most sincerely grateful.

This volume testifies to the vitality of the Catholic Faith and to the diversity of "the fight for the Faith" which, like St. Paul and St. Timothy, Bishop Williamson carried forward on all fronts as Rector of the Society's Seminary in Winona.

I wish the publication of this book every success, while I beg to remain most gratefully yours, in Christ the King,

+ Bernard Tissier de Mallerais

Stephen Heiner

Stephen lives in Paris, France. He founded True Restoration in 2006.

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