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Episcopal Etiquette

During my visit to three different countries with the bishop on his most recent trip, I made a couple observations which I had seen on other occasions in other countries which I felt would be...


Bishop Sanborn’s Summer 2016 European visit

In his April 2016 Seminary Newsletter the Bishop kindly teased me for having a challenging schedule for his Spring visit to the Old World.  I served as his valet for this recent Summer visit and...


The Sinner’s Return to God – Book Review

Let’s face it, we all suspect it, whether we admit it or not, something big seems to be on the horizon – or at least we are keenly aware that nothing in this modern...


Canterbury and Contradiction

Bishop Sanborn and I looked above the southwest doors to the ancient cathedral.  On the left we saw Sts. Anselm and Augustine of Canterbury.  And to their right?  Thomas Cranmer.  I was astonished, but...


Learning from Worldlings

I read a fair number of books that focus on themes around the maxim “know (and improve) thyself.”  What still surprises me is that despite the fact that many of them don’t take immortality or...


Ember Days are here again

I hesitated for a moment while the chocolate taste spread across my mouth. My taste buds asked an unusual question of the European chocolate I was enjoying: does this seem too sweet? American chocolate,...


Book Review: Prayer: The Key to Salvation

“Prayer: The Key to Salvation” by Father Michael Mueller, C.Ss.R. Imprimatur: 1867 What a paradigm-shifter! Even for someone as myself, a cradle-Catholic, raised in what would be deemed a pious, traditional-Catholic family, with prayer...


Book Review: The Young Man of Character

As soon as I started Chapter One, I was hooked. There are a small number of books I actually enjoy reading, and this is one of them because it basically explains how to be...


Social Media Manager Opportunity

We are currently looking for a social media manager to join the True Restoration team on a part-time basis! This is a paid position and an exciting opportunity for those who are passionate about...


Article Writing Opportunity

We are currently in the process of implementing a new model in which the Restoration Reader publishes original articles, in addition to blog posts curating content. We are looking for talented authors to write 1-2...

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