Christendom is the Answer

St. Martina

Interesting.  Apparently the Southern nationalists yearn to restore Christendom; they just don't know it yet.   This Southern Nationalist Network piece, "The State, the Left, & the South" identifies the problems of Modernism and looks forward to a restoration of religion, hierarchy, and family.

Writing for The American Conservative, Patrick J. Deneen ponders a specific example of the calamity of Modernism:  corporations shilling for gay "marriage" and partnering with their supposed enemy "the Left", to do it.  He closes his essay, "Corporatism and Gay Marriage: Natural Bedfellows," with this telling summary:  "The Left would once have blanched to be in bed with the corporate elite. But, with increasing clarity, it’s a marriage made not in heaven, but in America."

It is always edifying to read of a Catholic monarch's care for her people, especially when that monarch is near death.  Nobility reminds us of "The Last Words of Queen Philippa to Her Sons".

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