February Course: Back to Basics

Let Season 8 Begin!

We pray all of our members, supporters, and followers enjoyed a blessed and rejuvenating Christmastide! As Christmas has come to its end with Candlemas Day on February 2nd, True Restoration now begins a new season. It is our aim and prayer to provide enlightening, inspiring, and edifying content to carry you through the Liturgical year. Saint Ignatius Loyola, pray for us!

We will kick off Season 8 by launching a brand new series featuring His Excellency Bishop Daniel Dolan and hosted by Stephen Heiner: Back to Basics. In keeping with last year’s scheme of offering a different course each month, 10 episodes of Back to Basics will be released throughout the month of February, beginning on February 5th. Topics will include all facets of life, from birth and death to work and marriage, with the series focusing on the Catholic way to think about everything: expansively, creatively, and centered on Our Lord.

All of the most recent episodes of True Restoration programming are accessible only to our members. In an effort to bring quality Catholic content to all who seek it, we will continue to offer Monthly Memberships. This season, these inexpensive memberships include access to all of the current season’s releases (please note that the previous season is no longer included).

Enjoy this new series, Back to Basics, by becoming a member today!

Get Back to Basics this February with His Excellency Bishop Dolan host Stephen Heiner!

Back to Basics, Episode 1: Birth

In this episode, we discuss birth, specifically birth control, natural family planning, adoption, choosing names and godparents, and time horizon for baptism. Back to Basics is a series that focuses on the Catholic way...

Back to Basics, Episode 2: Death

In this episode, we discuss death, specifically Extreme Unction, preparation for death, both in material and spiritual ways, and in proximate and remote instances, Requiem and Gregorian Masses, and how to make the proper...

Back to Basics, Episode 3: Food

In this episode, we begin a three part mini series on food, clothing, and shelter. What is the Catholic attitude towards food? What is wrong with the modern ways of cultivating and consuming it?...

Back to Basics, Episode 4: Clothing

In this episode, we continue our mini series on food, clothing, and shelter. What is the Catholic attitude towards clothing? Women are often encouraged to wear more modest clothing, but what about men not...

Back to Basics, Episode 5: Shelter

In this episode, we conclude our mini series on food, clothing, and shelter. What is the Catholic attitude towards homes? With the modern reality of mortgages and interest, is “home ownership” the reality that...

Back to Basics, Episode 6: Banking and Work

Who are the forces behind banking and what should we know about them? What is the Catholic attitude towards money and work? How can we avoid work becoming a substitute religion? Back to Basics...

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