Interview with Bp. Richard Williamson, London, 2010

Find below the interview I conducted with Bishop Williamson in January of this year when I was in London visiting him.

I have been the beneficiary of yet another great review on Durendal: this time it was penned by Nicholas Wansbutter, Editor of H.L.'s Dinoscopus weekly column.  You can find his review of the interview here:

Please enjoy this first interview in English with the Bishop this year.  It is over 90 minutes long, and if you need to pause and come back, you can use the question #s to forward to the chapter where you left off.

The interview is divided into 7 chapters: 1) Globalism and 2010, 2) Government above God, 3) True Feminism and Catholic Marriage, 4) Benedict XVI and Vatican II,  5) The Society of St. Pius X, 6) French Leadership of Tradition, and 7) Our Lady.

The Bishop is in good spirits and the interview shows it. This interview is part of the London Interviews series.  I did two with H.L. in June 2009 and you can find links to them in the sidebar on the right under "Interviews with SSPX clergy."  If you wish to purchase any of these interviews and more, you may visit:

Stephen Heiner

Stephen lives in Paris, France. He founded True Restoration in 2006.

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13 Responses

  1. Hestor says:

    I was under the impression that Bishop Williamson was not to give any public interviews to anyone from the orders of Bishop Fellay.

    Can anyone explain how can this interview be conducted?

  2. Mary says:

    Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! His Lordship is still the watchman, delivering as much bread to his sheep as he possibly can. May our Good God bless him, keep him, and bring his "Egyptian Exile" to a close ASAP.

    Thank you, Mr. Heiner, for providing this interview.

  3. Hestor

    You are referring to the private letter of March 4th from Bishop Fellay to Bishop Williamson which Maximilian Krah, without permission, leaked to the press.

    That being said, this interview was conducted in January, on the 7th, to be exact, which predates the letter, and as such, is not subject to the "orders of Bishop Fellay" as you refer to them.


  4. "orders of Bishop Fellay"

    Mr Heiner,
    No offense intended, and I apologize if I am reading to much into it, but could you please explain why you put quotes around the statement above?

    P.S. Another great interview with His Lordship, though I do not agree on the conspiracy talk related to 9/11 and 7/7
    God bless.

  5. Cruise

    Because the letter was not written by Bishop Fellay. It was written by his Secretary, and did not express the "orders of Bishop Fellay" but requests from the General Council. Apart from the question of interviews, one of those "requests" was that Dinoscopus be shut down. Dinoscopus continues, not because of disobedience, but because Krah doesn't have access to the personal correspondence between Bishop Fellay and Bishop Williamson, and hence can't leak it to serve his own twisted ends. I assure you, I would not be helping Bishop Williamson break his promises in the religious life to his religious superior. I would have to pay for that at my particular judgment, and I already have plenty to be accountable for. Hence, you can assume that the "orders of Bishop Fellay," if there are any, are being followed by Bishop Williamson.

    I put the phrase in quotes because some people are referring to a document they have never seen nor have even seen a copy of as if they know what it said, who wrote it, or what transpired afterwards in personal correspondence.

  6. Mr Heiner,

    Thank you very much for the explanation.
    It helps very much. Thank you for your good and holy work in spreading the Catholic Faith.

    I pray daily for the speedy regularisation of the Society.
    God bless.

  7. TheNewArts says:

    These are wonderful interviews, but I still find the "hard copy" paper versions easier to study and more, to mull over. is there any chance that some of these interviews with Bishop Williamson will be transcribed and either published on the blog or published as booklets, then we can go over bits of them again and again ?
    Thank you. Alan Robinson

  8. James says:

    Much ink has been spilled over the so called gag order placed on Bp. Williamson by Bp. Fellay. (January 27, 2009 Communique of the SSPX Superior General — "I have forbidden Bishop Williamson to issue any public opinion on any political or historical matter until further notice." — found at Query as to whether that injunction against His Excellency is still in full force and effect or if it has been modified or even canceled. Query as to whether Bp. Williamson has ever made any public comments regarding such order and if so where they can be found.

    It would be interesting to know the exact wording of any religious promises or such similar representations made by SSPX clerics including Bp. Williamson regarding obedience to their SSPX superiors including the Superior General and whether these are direct promises or indirect. Furthermore, it would be interesting to note exactly how binding that obedience to one's superior is should the superior overreach and thus abuse his authority, regardless of whether such abuse is intended or not. What would be the general Catholic principles and guidelines which would determine whether or not such obedience would still be required? More particularly, how would such principles be applied in the particular silencing of Bp. Williamson.

    It may be noted that in the above referenced Communique Bp. Fellay makes the following statement: "Bishop Richard Williamson, a member of our Society, granted an interview to a Swedish network. In this interview, he also commented on historical issues, especially on the genocide of Jews by the National-Socialist regime." Concerning these comments by Bp. Williamson, Bp Fellay goes on to state: "those comments do not reflect in any way the attitude of our [SSPX] community."

    A few points regarding this statement by Bp. Fellay : 1) In the entire context of the Communique why does Bp. Fellay clearly imply that Bp. Williamson's comments reflect an anti-Semitic attitude? Has Bp. Fellay ever apologized to Bp. Williamson for this implied slur on his reputation? 2) Why does Bp. Fellay refer to the attitude of the SSPX community? Did he conduct a survey or poll of the SSPX members?!

    James B. Phillips

  9. Jonathan says:

    At 0:22:10 in the interview, Bishop Williamson talks about the fact that the former Catholic nations have fallen further than the protestant nations because the former already had part of the infection of modernism.

    Maybe the same analogy explain why resistance to Vatican II and the defense of Tradition sprung up so strongly in France. The Catholic Church in France is beeing attacked and persecuted ever since the French Revolution by people who cherish modernism. Many French catholics were already inoculated and they interpreted Vatican II as the French Revolution getting inside the Church. Hence there will to fight it.

  10. Bishop Williamson thinks the Catholic Church is a leprous Mother. What else does have he have to say for his theological position? Don't get too close to Mother Church or else you will be infected with Modernism. Enough said. Bishop Williamson needs to give up his heretical view.

  11. Paul says:

    Bishop Williamson does not think the Catholic Church is a leprous mother. He believes the human element in the Church has been infected with Modernism. He holds to Eternal Rome and the Deposit of Faith. Who is Like Unto God, you better quote him correctly, because this is an unjust attack on His Excellency!

  12. The Church is a perect Society, and always will be, for She is Christs Body.
    Yes members of the body can be ill, even bishops and priests, but they still hold Ordinary authority and jurisdiction from Apostolic Succession, and that divinely placed authority must be honored.