Interview with Griff Ruby (June 2011)

I first met Griff at Ordinations this last June but we had "met" virtually before then.  He had read some of my interviews and we were both writers for The Four Marks so we saw each other's writing quite regularly.

Griff has a fascinating conversion story and apart from that, he's used years of studies as a layman to create a book that is in a way, a guide to the Traditionalist Catholic movement.  It chronicles its history and consequences.  Griff pretty selflessly has the entire book online for free here, but if you're like me and prefer an old-fashioned book in your hand, you can buy the book here.

Griff is a gentleman, but I think you will appreciate his kind, straightforward speaking more than anything.  The vast majority of my interviews are with clerics so sometimes speaking with a fellow layman shows some of the particular difficulties we face more particularly than priests do (i.e. priests don't have to worry about where to go to Mass, because they celebrate their own, etc.)

As I've mentioned for the most recent interviews posted, your best value is to be found in the annual subscription, but should you only wish to purchase this particular interview, you can do it for $7.99 on streaming or $20.00 should you prefer the DVD.

Please be patient as this free excerpt buffers.

Stephen Heiner

Stephen lives in Paris, France. He founded True Restoration in 2006.

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3 Responses

  1. For some reason, the original comment and Griff's response got deleted by blogger…I will post them again.


    Said the following:

    Duns has left a new comment on your post:

    This man does not seem to understand the distinction between 'Church of Christ' and 'Catholic Church'.

    Souls in purgatory as well as souls in heaven are members of the 'Church of Christ' but not the 'Catholic Church'. The Catholic Church is an earthly institution made up of various souls, some of which are members of the Church of Christ and some of which aren't.

    Theology 101. Ecclesiological basics.

  3. Griff responded:

    The Church of Christ and the Catholic Church most certainly are exactly the same. That’s an infallible doctrine. Pre-Vatican-II Theology 101. Pre-Vatican-II Ecclesiological basics.

    Doctrine: There are three parts to the Catholic Church: Church Triumphant, Church Suffering, and Church Militant. Together they comprise the Catholic Church, which IS (absolute identity) the Church of Christ, through which all salvation comes, and in which all salvation is found.

    I would be interested to see if any Pre-Vatican-II-approved theologian (or better still, Doctor) has EVER used the phrase “Catholic Church” in some sense that specifically excluded the Church Triumphant and Church Suffering. I have never seen such a thing, and rather doubt that it exists at all, unless in some highly exceptional or narrow context that would give nothing helpful to my would-be detractor’s twisted cause.

    It is a very dishonorable mental self-subterfuge to try to “explain away” to oneself the “subsists in” phrase in the Vatican II documents by claiming that all the dis-identifying phrase means would merely be that the phrase “Catholic Church” would (presumably from that point on) only be connected specifically and exclusively with the Church Militant alone, thus allowing the “Church of Christ” to extend beyond it, albeit only in the form of the Church Triumphant and Church Suffering. The documents of Vatican II and the detailed comments by those who authored and supported them and their radical concepts make it abundantly clear that they were not the least bit concerned with the Church Triumphant or Church Suffering (which they didn’t believe in anyway), but with some attempt to extend the Church here on earth beyond the scope and boundaries of their now-only-so-called “catholic church” (today’s Vatican organization).

    The Council writers were not saying anything along the lines of “some soul in purgatory is in the Church of Christ while not in the Catholic Church,” but “some soul here on earth and belonging to some false religion (or irreligion) is in the Church of Christ while not in the Catholic Church.” And the claim to anyone here on earth but outside the Church Militant being any part of the Church of Christ (in anything but intent or volition, etc.) is an absolute innovation of Vatican II and its authors. (Admittedly, some of them may possibly have spouted such ravings in their formerly censured works prior to the Council itself, and that alone would be reason for their works to have drawn censure or at least never be officially approved for use in Pontifical seminaries.)