Interview with Sir Charles Coulombe

I've had the opportunity over the years to have the privilege of interviewing laymen and clergy, but only in the last 6 months have I had the luxury of an HD camera and crew. With this improvement in quality comes an increase in cost on my side, and while I've always made my interviews free on the web, the time has passed for my simply doing the interviews "at cost" - selling the DVDs to cover my travel and video editing and post production costs.

The excerpt of the Sir Charles Coulombe interview below is the third of three new interviews which are part of a new initiative to provide streaming video downloads in addition to DVDs for my interviews. I intend to do more interviews and cover more ceremonies. Traditional Catholicism deserves at least as much news coverage as the latest Jersey Shore outrage, and I intend to, as best I can on a part-time basis, remedy that disparity.

Your options to buy a streaming video or a DVD will display at the end of this video excerpt.



Stephen Heiner

Stephen lives in Paris, France, where he attends Mass celebrated by the clergy of the IMBC. He founded True Restoration in 2006.

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2 Responses

  1. Very interesting, thank you Stephen. Just one question, why do you refer to him as "Sir"?

  2. He received a Papal knighthood from JPII.