Stephen Heiner

Stephen lives in Paris, France. He founded True Restoration in 2006.

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  1. antonio says:

    Fr Cekada wrote in one of his articles that any recalcitrant SSPX priest is given a white cassock and sent packing off to Mumbai!

  2. Fr. Couture is a true missionary priest. I had the good fortune of meeting him on one of his SSPX Asia missions by the Providence, and later being part of a pilgrimage led by him. In either a black or white cassock, Fr. Couture exemplifies what a Catholic priest should be. By witnessing how he looks afte his flock, I understand better why we call a priest father.

  3. rukmini says:

    Alas, for the Asia District, Fr Paul Morgan was moved away from Manila having established the Mission there with a true Apostolic spirit rooted in both fervor and humility, and with every prospect of good expansion. He had to give way to the Francophonia symphony continuously played by Econe.

  4. antonio says:

    Dear Paulus Romanus,

    I hope that you are not saying that he is indispensable to Asia District!. Somebody else, either in white or black cassock should at last be given a chance to take over.
    Providence also, has place others like me in the Asia District of the SSPX, and has given us the opportunity to talk to other priests and laypeople of the district.

  5. I will leave the administrative decisions to the administrators. Be very grateful if you live close to an SSPX priory or Mass center. And please pray for those less fortunate Catholics who have no access to the Traditional Sacraments, and those who have no freedom to worship God.

  6. antonio says:

    Administrators? Let us not forget the administration of that Administrator of many years, Joseph Ratzinger, who supposedly had to deal with the pedastry of some of his clergy … this same Administrator who has been described by OUR Administrator, among other plaudits, as an "upright man" (!).
    I thank God, not only for the nearness of my Mass Center, but for also have being around before Vatican II, and for not making me an ostrich.

  7. antonio,

    God has put neither of us in charge of appointing SSPX Asia District Superior. Hence my "administrators" comment.

    You appear to have an axe to grind with SSPX administrators, in bringing up in this context Rome's silence on pederast priests during the Pontificate of Pope John Paul II. What does it have to do with Fr. Couture? What are you accusing him or his superior of?

  8. antonio says:

    I'm not accusing Fr Couture or his superiors in the sense you seem to be implying, so relax on that score!
    Thanks for explaining your "administrators" comment. In my case I meant to say that administrators can make mistakes or can be downright incompetent.