July Course: Apologetics

Bishop Donald Sanborn

July, the month of the Most Precious Blood, has arrived. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, it has brought with it berry season and the buzzing of bumblebees, colorful sunsets and the thickening of summer. And the last day of July will bring the feast of True Restoration’s patron saint, St. Ignatius of Loyola!

A course of Apologetics will be released throughout July, featuring Bishop Donald Sanborn and a new host, Alexander Krawczyk. This will be the third season of Apologetics and it will begin with the qualities of the Church. As always, The Defense of the Catholic Church, by Francis X Doyle S.J. is the text used.

Ten episodes will be released this season, beginning on Tuesday, July 10.

All of the most recent episodes of True Restoration programming are accessible only to our members. In an effort to bring quality Catholic content to all who seek it and in response to frequent requests, this season we are offering Monthly Memberships. These inexpensive memberships include access to all of the current season’s releases along with last season. Enjoy the latest episodes of Apologetics by joining us today! https://www.truerestoration.org/monthly/

As His Excellency states in one of this season’s episodes, “…These are very important issues for Catholics today…they need to be more informed than their ancestors were.” To that end, we encourage you to join Bishop Donald Sanborn and our new host Alexander Krawczyk for this season’s Apologetics!

Apologetics, Episode 18: The Church as a Religious Society

In this first episode of Season 7, His Excellency, Bishop Donald Sanborn and new host Alexander Krawczyk move on to the study of the Church itself and its characteristics with Lesson XLI: Christ Himself...

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