New Videos and a catch-up on all our Summer work as we head into Fall


We are well into this Autumn and our Summer website refreshes are finally completed.  We wanted to share the improvements with you across all our websites: what they mean, and what’s ahead.
True Restoration Media
H.E. Bishop Daniel Dolan
On Traditional Catholicism - this interview was one of my personal favorites of the last 7 years of clerical interviews.  We covered so many things - how the Bishop dealt with the Novus Ordo when he was in those structures, what the Traditional Catholic landscape looks like, and what we are called to do in this time of crisis.  It’s available for one-time download.


H.E. Bishop Richard Williamson
London Interview #4 - this interview was done during the “ban” period that Bishop Fellay imposed and so I didn’t release it at the time the Bishop was part of the Society of St. Pius X.   It’s a fascinating interview and perhaps one of the most controversial I ever did with His Excellency.  It’s now available to our subscribers only.

H.E. Bishop Donald Sanborn
The Pendulating Papacy - do you want insight into how we could get a Benedict XV right after we had Pius X?  This interview talks about the fight between the “accommodationist” and “anti-accommodationist” parties within the College of Cardinals over a 200 year time period and explains in many ways how we got to Vatican II and the papacy of John XXIII.  Available for one-time download.  We’ve even provided a free Youtube excerpt below:

H.E. Bishop Donald Sanborn
Christendom I (Edict of Milan to 1274) (for one time download)
Christendom II (1274 to 1648) (for subscribers only)


Christendom III (1649-1788) (for subscribers only)
For those who want the long view of Christendom - from its founding by Our Lord Jesus Christ to the present time, this series of interviews, plumbing theology, philosophy, literature, art, music, architecture, etc. helps contextualize the battle of the Church against the devil and the world over millennia.  Learn more history in one of these interviews than you perhaps learned in your entire secondary school life!


Father Anthony Cekada
Which Missal: pre-1954, 1958, or 1962? - as many Traditional Catholics have learned, the term “Latin Mass” can be in its own way, nebulous.  Learn here the differences between the different Missals that Traditional Catholics use and the reasons they use them.  Available for one-time download.


The Legal Status of the Traditional Latin Mass - have you heard the old chestnut that because Paul VI didn’t dot his “i”s and cross his “t”s when promulgating the New Mass that it isn’t in force and so you don’t have to worry about it?  Father Cekada roasts this old chestnut made famous (and defended) by Michael Davies.  Available for one-time download.


Traditional Priests, Legitimate Sacraments - despite the confusion reigning in our time, there are still some who would, like the Pharisees, prefer a legalist approach to our current situation.  Father Cekada, using theological and canonical principles, explains why those receiving sacraments from clergy outside the Novus Ordo structures need not have scruples.  For subscribers only.


Low Mass celebrated by Father Cekada - watch the most prominent clerical critic of the Novus Ordo Missae celebrate the Mass of all time.  Available in High Definition for one-time download.
Rev Mr. Bede Nkamuke
Story of my vocation - an inspiring story about soon-to-be Father Nkamuke (his ordination is next month!) and his journey from the Novus Ordo in Nigeria to Traditional Catholicism and seminary here in the United States.  One of my personal favorite interviews.  Available for one-time download.
Some of our videos remain available to subscribers only, but quite a few of them have been now unlocked for a la carte purchase.  We’ve also marked down all 2011 and 2012 interviews to $4.99 and all liturgical ceremonies to $7.99.  


We’ve had to say this in the past and it bears repeating: No one on the TR team is a videographer by trade so even though shooting the video is “free” labor-wise, in order to get the high-definition videos edited, rendered, and permanently hosted on the web costs money - a fair amount (for every single video), too!  We have to hire outside help - a firm which, thanks to an ongoing relationship, gives us a very competitive price for the work - but these purchases simply help us to break even on these long-form video interviews.


To continue our mission of video interviews into Season 4, we need more annual subscribers.  That guaranteed backing allows us to drop in 12 new videos, over 20 total hours, per year.  The current library sits at over 60 hours.  Remember effective as of October 1st, 2013, you get a free annual subscription to True Restoration Media by being an annual Platinum Radio Subscriber.  Learn more at
True Restoration Press
This site has been redone in line with our new look and logo.  We will be introducing high-quality gifts (veils, missal covers, crucifixes) next year.  We are building relationships and inventory now.  We will keep you posted!  For now, check out our DVD collection, which has been marked down to clearance prices ($7.99 per disc) to close out 2013.
Restoration Radio
We have created a donate page at  We have introduced three tiers of premium membership for Season 3 and there will be much, much more that we will share with you as Season 2 draws to an end about what we plan to do next season.  For those of you who have been sending donations, thank you so much!  For those of you unsure as to do one-time donations or to contribute annually, we’ve provided different levels of membership along with a host of goodies to go along with them!  Check it out.

Some of our early respondents have indicated that they do not have the funds to donate (again, we point out you can donate as little as $1 one time) but do indeed enjoy our work. As a result we've created a volunteer page so that those who feel they can't donate financially can "donate" another way. You can find that page linked on our donate page or directly here.
True Restoration
This year we wanted to finally go from being something that was done by one person on the side to something done by a team of people who believed in our mission.  This is embodied in our home page where you see links to all our outreach.  You also see our logo, which we feels embodies what we try to do.  Any TRUE Restoration must begin with Christ - with the Cross - and in ordinary times the Papacy, as symbolized by the Tiara, would guard that and be a summit for Catholics to be guided by.  While we know that those times are not with us now we do not lose our focus and center and keep these ideals in our mind.  As a mentor of mine once told me, “A Dark Age is what you make of it.”  We hope to have a good answer for when the Master asks what we did with the talents he gave us.


Work like this - professional - supported by a team of people - does not exist simply by volunteer help but by donations which help supply working capital for projects, design work, hosting, IT support, radio software and supplies, and all the other expenses that go into a genuine Apostolate, not simply a backyard (and backwater) hobby.  In one practical example - once we get to a certain level of donations we can start buying advertising on Google for when people search for “Traditional Catholic podcast” and bring more people to understanding what the Catholic Church teaches, not what the Novus Ordo sect fails to teach.


If we have contributed or continue to contribute to your Catholic life, please consider contributing to us (as we mentioned above, either with your tithe or with your time and talent) so that someone else can benefit as you have.

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  1. ambrosio says:

    Which Missal: pre-1954, 1958, or 1962?
    And how should the faithful take part in the Mass? Dialog Mass? Sit when the priest does and sing whilst seated a la SSPX rubrics?. Or bob up and down also a la SSPX rubrics? Fr Faber ( quoted umpteen times by the late Michael Davies RIP) that " The Mass is the greatest thing this side of Heaven ". Which Mass? The Sit and Sing-along Mass? The Yo Yo Mass?