October Course: The Second Vatican Council

October has begun, and for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it brings a nip in the air and a bounty of color and crop. More importantly, it brings to all the Faithful the month of the Most Holy Rosary and the Holy Angels, and the recitation of the beautiful prayer to St. Joseph. Remember to say your daily rosary followed by the prayer to St. Joseph with the intention to gain the indulgences attached to them each day this month, it is a wonderful opportunity to aid the Holy Souls.

For October, we are again releasing a new series. The Second Vatican Council features Father Arnold Trauner hosted by Stephen Heiner, and is based upon the book The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber by Fr. Ralph M. Wiltgen, S.V.D. The text can be purchased at a notably low price in the True Restoration Bookstore here. Topics will include the liturgy, sources of revelation, non-Christian religions, and collegiality, amongst many others.

Ten episodes will be released beginning on Tuesday, 9 October.

All of the most recent episodes of True Restoration programming are accessible only to our members. In an effort to bring quality Catholic content to all who seek it and in response to frequent requests, this season we are offering Monthly Memberships. These inexpensive memberships include access to all of the current season’s releases along with last season. Enjoy this new series, The Second Vatican Council, by joining us today! https://www.truerestoration.org/monthly/

Join Father Arnold Trauner and host Stephen Heiner as they journey through an exploration of The Second Vatican Council in another of this season’s new series!

The Second Vatican Council, Episode 1: Beginnings

In this first episode of this series, Father Trauner discusses the work of the Ante-Preparatory Commission and the odd spirit of “pastorality” that was being used to justify the purpose of the council, a...

The Second Vatican Council, Episode 2: The Liturgy, Part I

The Liturgy, great teacher of Catholic minds, was the first target in the minds of the Modernists. In this episode, Father Trauner explores the different interventions during the schema discussion, including the humiliation of...

The Second Vatican Council, Episode 3: The Liturgy, Part II

Continuing the discussion from last episode, Father Trauner chronicles a slight fightback from traditional Council Fathers like Archbishop Sigaud and Bishop de Castro Meyer. John XXIII would respond in what can be identified these...

The Second Vatican Council, Episode 4: Sources of Revelation

The original schema that Father Trauner discusses on this episode was on the “Sources of Revelation” which was considered “too negative, too intolerant,” and lacking a “pastoral tone.” Sound familiar? The Rhine group successfully...

The Second Vatican Council, Episode 5: End of the First Session and Death of John XXIII

This episode discusses the end of the first session of the Council as well as the death of John XXIII. There is a contentious beginning of a discussion on the schema of the Church...

The Second Vatican Council, Episode 6: Intermission: The Fulda Conference and Non Christian Religions

In between the first and second sessions, the European Alliance transformed itself into a World Alliance, and though there were conferences in Chicago and Rome, it was really Munich and Fulda, under the theological...


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