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Season 6, Apologetics, Episode 17: The Primacy of Peter (Part 3)

The Apologetics Series takes members through a comprehensive study on Catholic Apologetics from the book The Defense of the Catholic Church, by Francis X Doyle S.J. In this last episode of 2017, Bishop Donald...

Behind the Lodge Door

Season 6, Behind the Lodge Door, Episode 7: Warring on the Church and State

In this Episode 7 of “Behind the Lodge Door,” hosts, Dan and Damo, review chapter 9 (Warring on the Church) and chapter 10 (Warring on the State). This episode looks at the effect Masonry...

Behind the Mic

Season 6, Behind the Mic, Episode 4: Damo Interviews Matt

Every true Catholic has a story. A story of a journey to the truth. A story filled with obstacles, trials, and hard decisions made. Behind the Mic is a series delving into the lives...

Catholic History with Charles Coulombe

Season 4, Catholic History with Charles Coulombe, Episode 17: Cortez, Mexico, and Our Lady

This month Charles and Stephen delve into the darkness of Mexico prior to the conquest of Cortez, the arrival of Christianity, and the arrival of Our Lady in the miracle of her appearance to...

Catholic Spirituality

Season 6, Catholic Spirituality, Episode 23: The Sacrament of Penance

In this episode, Father Germán Fliess comments on Royo Marín´s Theology of Christian Perfection. The show begins the first chapter of the section entitled Positive Means of Spiritual Growth and it deals with the...

Clerical Conversations

Season 6, Clerical Conversations, Episode 28: Lay Boards

In this episode of Clerical Conversations, Stephen Heiner and Bishop Donald Sanborn discuss lay boards. Are they a Catholic concept? How have they been viewed in the past, prior to Vatican II? How have...

Des programmes de français

Saison 3, La religion conciliaire et la réponse catholique

Il est incontestable que l’Eglise catholique a vu un bouleversement sans précédent pendant le temps qui correspond au déroulement du Concile Vatican II et les réformes qui l’ont suivi. Les faits flagrants et les...

Devotions with Bishop Dolan

Season 5, Devotions With Bishop Dolan, Episode 11: Doctors and Devotions

Sometimes we can be tempted to feel ashamed of our Catholic external representations, whether it’s the Sign of the Cross, the Scapular, Rosary beads etc. Sometimes we are tempted to believe that it’s only...

Escape from the Novus Ordo

Season 4, Escape from the Novus Ordo, Episode 9: Culpability, Obedience, and How to Leave the Novus Ordo Priesthood

In this last episode, Father Michael Oswalt discusses the many issues and pitfalls for Novus Ordo priests, and their supporters, that are attempting in good will to be Catholics within the Novus Ordo sect....

Shows en español

Temporada 5, La Fe Católica, Episodio 4

La Fe Católica, Conversaciones de Doctrina y Otras Cuestiones de Interés para el Católico. En este cuarto episodio, el Padre Despósito explica la posición teológica conocida como Tesis de Cassiciacum. Transmisión original: 14 de...

Francis Watch

Season 6, Francis Watch, Episode 33: Amoris Laetitia in Action, the Strange Things He Says, and the Filial Correctors

In this episode of Francis Watch, Bishop Donald Sanborn, Father Anthony Cekada, and Dan Fitton discuss: • Colombian Professor criticizes Pope Francis, incurs excommunication. • Francis blesses adulterous union of Colombian President. • Canadian...

From the Pulpit

Season 6, From the Pulpit, Episode 52: Fortitude

From the Pulpit is dedicated to curating and mastering older sermons. In this episode, we present a 2003 sermon by Bishop Daniel Dolan discussing fortitude. The original recording can be found here. Join us...


Staffel 6, Glaubensgespräche, Folge 5: Wahrer und falscher Traditionalismus, Teil 2

Folge 5 der Glaubensgespräche ist im Großen und Ganzen eine Fortsetzung von Folge 4. Pater Trauner erklärt, wie die Glaubensregel, an die alle Katholiken sich treu zu halten haben, nur einen Schluß zuläßt, nämlich,...

In Veritate

Season 6, In Veritate, Episode 29: Particular Judgment

In Veritate is dedicated to curating and mastering Bishop Donald Sanborn’s older sermons. In this episode, we present a sermon about the Particular Judgment. The original recording can be found here. Join us on...


Season 4, Pastoralia, Episode 10: Dating and Courtship

In this episode of Pastoralia, we take a few steps backward from our look at Catholic child rearing to discuss the Catholic ideal of courtship. Blind and infatuated worldlings date in order to date, with...

Polskie programy

Sezon 3, Nowa religia i katolicka odpowiedź, Epizod 4: Jan Paweł II a religia katolicka

„Starszych, którzy sa miedzy wami, prosze jako wspólstarszy i swiadek mak Chrystusa, oraz uczestnik tej chwaly, która w przyszlym czasie ma sie objawic. Pascie trzode Boza, która jest przy was, dogladajac jej nie z...

Popes Against the Modern Errors

Season 6, Popes Against the Modern Errors, Episode 13: Notre Charge Apostolique (Part 2)

In Notre Charge Apostolique, Pope Saint Pius X was writing against the Sillon and the spirit of social and intellectual anarchy in the early 20th century. In this second episode, we cover paragraphs 18-23....

Questions and Answers

Season 5, Questions and Answers, Episode 1: How to Interact with Members of the Novus Ordo Sect?

Welcome to Questions and Answers Episode 1: How to Interact with Members of the Novus Ordo Sect? Today’s question comes from Edward Peschi and is posed to Bishop Sanborn. Mr. Peschi wants to know...

Sacred Scripture

Season 6, Sacred Scripture, Episode 4: The Fall, the Promise of a Redeemer, and the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

In this episode of Sacred Scripture, Father Bede Nkamuke discusses the consequences of the Fall and the promise of a Redeemer; in the second half of the episode he comments on the Nativity of...

Spiritual Reading

Season 6, Spiritual Reading, Episode 7: A Simplified Method of Meditation

In this episode of Spiritual Reading, Father Philip Eldracher selected Conversation With Christ: The Teaching of St. Teresa of Avila About Personal Prayer by Peter Thomas Rohrbach. Chapter 4: A Simplified Method of Meditation...

Sponsor Spotlight

Season 3, Sponsor Spotlight Show: Roman Catholic

On this, our final show before our mid-season break during the month of July, we bring you a show which will spotlight a generous sponsor of Restoration Radio’s show Work of Human Hands with...

The Anti-Modernist Reader

Season 5, The Anti-Modernist Reader, Episode 7: Communion: Ratzinger’s New Ecclesiology (Part 3)

In the third episode covering this document we are joined once again by Bishop Donald Sanborn. Bishop Sanborn wrote this article to discuss the meaning that the Novus Ordo sect attaches to the word...

The Beautiful Things

Season 5, The Beautiful Things, Episode 5: What is Art? (Part 2)

In this episode of the Beautiful Things we conclude our experimental mini-series with Bishop Sanborn by looking at 4 other pieces of art. If you did not listen the first episode in this mini-series,...

The Catholic Home

Season 6, The Catholic Home, Episode 22: Vaccinations: Safe and Effective? (Part 3)

Jacinta and Theresa, two concerned Catholic mothers, continue this mini-series introducing the concept of questioning the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations. Although a number of issues are touched upon, the real kicker for every...

The Flagship Show

Season 6, The Flagship Show, Episode 59: Alex Jones

On this episode of The Flagship Show, the True Restoration Staff discuss the person and secular “apostolate” of Alex Jones. Who is he? What does he do? What should Catholics do about his work?...

The Liturgical Year

Season 4, The Liturgical Year, Episode 8: Passiontide, St. Patrick, and Valid Matter for the Holy Eucharist

Before the great crescendo of Lent in the Holy Triduum — Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday — the Church acts out the Gospel for Passion Sunday on that same day: “They took...

The Root of the Rot

Season 4, The Root of the Rot, Episode 13: Father Fahey and Monsignor Delassus

In this final episode of the series, Bishop Sanborn discusses two different ways of looking at our life on this earth: Father Fahey’s concept of Organized Supernaturalism and Organized Naturalism, and Monsignor Delassus’ perspective...

The Spiritual Life

Season 6, The Spiritual Life, Episode 16: Mystical Contemplation

In this episode of The Spiritual Life, we start a study of the more advanced stages of mystical contemplation. Before a detailed study of the actual various grades of mystical prayer, Father Bernard covers...

This is Catholicism

Season 6, This is Catholicism, Episode 19: Governing the Church

Father Philip Eldracher and host, Daniel Forde, now discuss governing the Church. A Complete Catechism of the Catholic Religion by Father Joseph Deharbe, S.J. was originally written in German, was very popular in the...

Trad Controversies

Season 5, Trad Controversies, Episode 10: Validity Checkers in the Land of Absurdity

Father Anthony Cekada once again returns to Trad Controversies to dispel the myths and legends surrounding Archbishop Thuc. What comes to light is the history and picture of a man quite different from the...

Tradition and the Church

Season 6, Tradition and the Church, Episode 11: Completeness of Revelation

The Novus Ordo and other religions such as Protestantism are wrong and send souls to hell. These false religions go against tradition in harmony with Sacred Scripture. Find out with Father Michael Oswalt why...


Season 6, TradReviews, Episode 14: Press Store Highlights and News – Codenames Review

Join TR’s mother-and-son team, Theresa and Matthew, in a chatty episode reviewing some exciting new products in the True Restoration Store, as well as a game that they enjoy as a family leisure-activity. As...

Work of Human Hands

Season 4, Work of Human Hands, Episode 14: Conclusion

In this final episode of the series, Father Cekada summarizes everything wrong with the New Mass: Rupture with Living Tradition Spurious “Restoration” Grave Irreverence Destruction of Catholic Doctrine He then discusses the three possible...