A Rich Young Man


A Novel Based on the Life of St. Anthony of Padua

By John E. Beahn


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St. Anthony of Padua has been a friend to countless Catholics asking his help to recover lost objects and safely guide their mail across the miles. Yet few seem to know much about his remarkable life. The son of a knight in the court of Portugal's king, he renounced his heritage of wealth and power to become a Franciscan priest. In the years to come, he earned international fame as a preacher, reformer, miracle worker, champion of the poor, and Doctor of the Church.

The fascinating story of St Anthony of Padua, based on historical accounts, unfolds in the epic setting of mediaeval Europe. Monarchs, courtiers, churchmen, knights, nobles and serfs manoeuvre like chessmen in an elaborate game of alliances and conflicts between Church and State, Christian and Muslim, Catholic and heretic. St. Anthony's story takes us from North Africa, where Divine Providence saved the young friar from his mistaken zeal for martyrdom, to Italy and France, where his extraordinary gifts and heroic passion for God blazed a path to the rescue and conversion of countless souls.


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