Catena Aurea – St Luke Part 1



Catena Aurea – St Luke Part 1

Compiled by St Thomas Aquinas


St. Thomas Aquinas'  Catena Aurea (Golden Chain) is a masterpiece anthology of Patristic commentary on the Gospels – it includes the work of over eighty Church Fathers. For each of the four Gospels, the Catena Aurea starts by indicating the verses to be analyzed, then phrase-by-phrase, provides the early Fathers’ insights into the passage.


St. Thomas Aquinas was commissioned to write the Catena Aurea by Pope Urban IV, in order that an orthodox Patristic commentary on the Gospels was readily available to all readers.


The unchanging rule of the Church is that “no one [is] to interpret the Sacred Scripture… contrary to the unanimous consent of the Fathers” (Vatican Council). Thus the Catena Aurea is the perfect companion to any study of the Scriptures.



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