Consoling Thoughts of Saint Francis de Sales



Consoling Thoughts of Saint Francis de Sales

Gathered from his writings and arranged in order by Rev. Pére Huguet.


A large collection of St Francis de Sales' writings – 339 pages – equivalent to four entire books of his “consoling thoughts” found in other publisher's formats. It is worth noting that this large book is considerably less expensive than buying the set of four smaller books, which retails for about $53 elsewhere.


Many sick and wounded souls have found in these sweet and affecting pages heavenly consolation. How many souls are there today who stand in need of being encouraged and consoled?  Want of confidence is a great obstacle in the work of the Christian apostleship. The writings of St. Francis de Sales are admirably suited to times of trial and sadness and are an antidote against worrying. The soul enjoys in them an atmosphere of mild salubrity that strengthens and renews it.



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