NEW! Modernism-Busting Duo Pack


Carry the torch that Pope Saint Pius X set afire against Modernism!

Two Book Pack includes:


Anti-Modernist Reader – Volume I: The Papacy


By Most Rev. Bishop Sanborn, Most Rev. Bp. Dolan and others.

The cutting-edge collection of the most pertinent articles about the Modernist attack that has struck as high as the Papacy, itself; carefully researched and written by the world’s leading Catholic clergy of our times. Absolutely critical reading for all Catholics.


Catechism of Modernism

By Rev. J. B. Lemius


This book is essentially a reconstruction of the encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis, breaking down and explaining it in a methodical manner; thus making that critical document even more accessible. A perfect partner to the Anti-Modernist Reader!


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