The Dogma of Hell: Plus How to Avoid Hell


The Dogma of Hell: Illustrated by Facts Taken from Profane and Sacred History

plus How to Avoid Hell

Fr F. X. Schouppe S. J.

& Thomas A Nelson


This is a substantial volume containing two complete books; not what TAN is currently selling of just the first book of 112 pages but this has over 500 pages!

Presents frightening yet salutary true stories of manifestations of Hell, and apparitions of the damned, in addition to chapters on various aspects of Hell.

Part II has a useful Catholic apologetics. Covers common mortal sins, conscience, Catholic attitude, marriage, divorce, purity, etc., and concrete steps we can take to avoid Hell.


One of the most powerful and sobering Catholic books!


The first book by Fr. Schouppe was first published in the 1800s, but the second book, being by Thomas A. Nelson, and first published in the 1980s, has no Imprimatur.
Book Review:
PB 540 pages


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