Tradition and the Church


Tradition and the Church
by Msgr. George Agius D.D. J.C.D.


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From the back cover of the book:
SCRIPTURE and TRADITION are the two sources of the Catholic Faith. Everyone knows what Scripture is, but what exactly is Tradition? The priest seminary-professor who suggested we republish this book said it is the only one on the subject he has ever seen. Even the author states, “As far as I know, there is little of its kind in any language.”
Based on the Church's constant teaching, Tradition and the Church answers the question, “What is Tradition?” and thereby satisfies a great need.


Every priest, bishop and cardinal, every seminarian and everyone else who considers himself to be an informed Catholic should read this providential book, which – reappearing at a time of confusion in the history of the Church – will help clarify our understanding about the nature of Catholic Tradition and of the entire Deposit of Faith, and how we should all revere and cherish the Tradition of the Catholic Church…that Church which is the vehicle of our salvation.


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