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Season 6, The Flagship Show, Episode 55: Season 6 Preview

Listen in as we review the highlights of last season and inform you of the exciting additions that are to come this year in Season 6! Thanks for your support of our apostolate and...


End of Season 5 Notice

Date: 17 December 2016 Subject: End of Season 5 Notice Dear Members and Listeners, Thank you for your prayers and support as we have reached the conclusion of our 2016 A.D. broadcast season. We...


Season 5, The Spiritual Life, Episode 14: Contemplation (Part 2)

The Three Signs of Contemplation In this episode of the Spiritual Life, we continue the study on Contemplation. The period in the spiritual life that marks the transition to the prayer of contemplation is...


Season 5, Apologetics, Episode 9: The Resurrection

The Apologetics Series takes members through a comprehensive study on Catholic Apologetics from the book The Defense of the Catholic Church, by Francis X Doyle S.J. In this episode, Bishop Donald Sanborn shows how,...

Ben-Hur (2016)

Season 5, TradReviews, Episode 12: Ben-Hur (2016)

The Ben-Hur remake was released earlier this year in 2016. Listen in as hosts Matthew Arthur and Daniel Forde review and discuss the film from a true Catholic Perspective! Original Air Date: December 16,...

Gregory XVI-05

Season 5, Popes Against the Modern Errors, Episode 11: Mortalium Animos (Part 2)

In this second and concluding show on Mortalium Animos we discuss the doomed Protestant search for unity as well as international travel and some US and British politics – but most of the show...


Temporada 5, La Fe Católica, Episodio 4

La Fe Católica, Conversaciones de Doctrina y Otras Cuestiones de Interés para el Católico. En este cuarto episodio, el Padre Despósito explica la posición teológica conocida como Tesis de Cassiciacum. Transmisión original: 14 de...

Saint Benedict Crucifix Medal

Season 5, The Flagship Show, Episode 54: Sick Calls

In this episode of the Flagship show, we start a mini series on sick calls. Father Michael Oswalt walks us through what a sick call is, what his work and routine around them usually...

Bp Sanborn seal

Season 5, In Veritate, Episode 21: Expectation of the Messiah and Gaudete Sunday

The entire Old Testament looks forward to and is a foreshadowing of the New. Everything is a prefiguration of the New Testament, the Jews were in expectation of the coming of the Messiah. The...


Season 5, The Anti-Modernist Reader, Episode 7: Communion: Ratzinger’s New Ecclesiology (Part 3)

In the third episode covering this document we are joined once again by Bishop Donald Sanborn. Bishop Sanborn wrote this article to discuss the meaning that the Novus Ordo sect attaches to the word...

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