Restoration Radio: Christ the King

Yesterday we hosted our longest, most-listened-to show ever.  Our 3-hour show covered 6 documents from Vatican II and the commentary of Bishop Donald Sanborn.  Big thanks to my co-hosts, Nicholas Wansbutter and Dr. Piers Hugill, and of course, to H.E., who answered questions on the Council for pretty much 3 hours without stop!  We also want to extend thanks to yesterday's show sponsor, Novus Ordo Watch.

We will be having a show on Christ the King - doctrine, feast, and devotion - this Saturday at 11am CDST, on the eve of Christ the King Sunday.  Our guest will be H.E. Bishop Daniel Dolan.  Join us!

We thank our listeners for their words of encouragement and by voting with your downloads.  We pay attention to the most downloaded shows and try to do more along similar themes.  To see our past shows, click here.  Cost for download?  Zero.

Stephen Heiner

Stephen lives in Paris, France, where he attends Mass celebrated by the clergy of the IMBC. He founded True Restoration in 2006.