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One year ago yesterday Charles Coulombe joined Nicholas Wansbutter, Piers Hugill, and me as Restoration Radio had its first broadcast.  Our goal was simple: have conversations with laymen and clergy about the Catholic Faith and the ecosystem around it (our daily lives).  We wanted to make the shows available to a large audience, for free (including on iTunes, where you can download it into your "Podcasts" app), to not just reach "the choir," but Novus Ordo Catholics and non-Catholics as well (That being said, we do pay stipends to our guests in recognition of their time and if you feel like our shows add value to your life, please click the "donate" button on the right side of the page).

Two days ago Charles Coulombe was a guest for a show on the Papal Zoauves.  The difference, a year on, was that we had done almost 30 shows across many different themes.  We were the first Traditional Catholic radio show on Benedict XVI's abdication, and we were among the very first to comment on the new claimant, Francis.  We've also had some great discussions on the Second Vatican Council, homeschooling, and even the movie For Greater Glory, among many other things.

Restoration Radio currently has four different shows:

Clerical Conversations on the Crisis, featuring Bishop Donald Sanborn and Father Anthony Cekada.  This monthly show looks to discuss various topics relating to the period in the Church after the Second Vatican Council.

Catholic History with Charles Coulombe.  This biweekly show will be focused on history in general and the Catholic viewpoint on various parts of history in particular.

The Beautiful Things with host Magdalene Zapp.  This monthly show will look at art and its relation to our senses, intellect, and faith.

Restoration Radio, our flagship, running at least monthly, featuring an array of different guests, and helmed by different members of the founding group.

We have more shows in pre-production and hope to be a larger part of our audience's time devoted to learning and leisure.  To get the latest scoop on what's happening next with us, make sure that you follow our social media channels on the right hand side of this page.

Stephen Heiner

Stephen lives in Paris, France, where he attends Mass celebrated by the clergy of the IMBC. He founded True Restoration in 2006.

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5 Responses

  1. Karl says:

    It is too bad your theology, and Church history and current events shows quickly degraded into an exclusively sedevacantist fest of obnoxious sneers and back-slapping.

  2. Goodness Karl, it's too bad your own perspective blinds you to the fact that this claim is obnoxiously false:

    1. Our most recent show was on the Papal Zoauves, with Charles Coulombe – someone not only NOT sedevacantist, but would actually admit to being at least slightly anti-sedevacantist.

    2. We had shows in March and February on St. Thomas and St. Valentine that had *nothing* to do with sedevacantism.

    3. In case you missed it – there was a resignation of "papacy" in the Novus Ordo sect and rather than try to pretend that we don't have a point of view on the disastrous course of "popes" since Vatican II (or worse, ignore it!) we took the time to do a series of shows on Ratzinger's legacy (eye-opening to many) and did a definitive show on Francis only the day after his election. It was only the other day that a listener told me that the avalanche of information that has since come out about this not-even-a-cleric has made our show's tone on him almost mild!

    No – I think honest people know we are doing honest work – not pretending we don't have a point of view – we present our take on Catholic history and Catholic feasts in a way that has always been Catholic – we have a very respectable radio audience because of that. That tone has always been set and was reiterated again in the season 2 premiere: on the Chair of St. Peter.

    If you don't like our point of view on sedevacantism – God bless you sir, but that's not going to stop us from doing work that Novus Ordos and non-Catholics have written in to us to encourage.


    PS "Quickly degraded" – so I assume you've been listening to us from the beginning? We appreciate the early support! 🙂

  3. pclaudel says:

    Dear Mr. Heiner,

    The following comment and question are off the topic of this thread, but this seems as good a place as any and better than most to make them in.

    I discovered just recently that Durendal, the site of your friend Mr. Wansbutter, has gone private. Are you in a position to reveal why this is so?

    While his enthusiasms aren't always mine, I have long found NW's comments and contributions very well worth the reading. I regret the loss of access to them.

  4. PClaudel

    Thanks for your question. I have been aware of Durendal's current status but as far as I have been told by Nicholas (and I double-checked after your comment) they are simply regrouping and repurposing – trying to focus on their niche a bit more (I like to call it "alcohol, tobacco, and firearms + conversation"). Once they agree with their writing staff on scheduling I feel confident they will relaunch.

    Nicholas is one of my dearest friends, so believe me I noticed Durendal's going private the day after it happened!

  5. pclaudel says:

    Many thanks for the update. I look forward to the Grand Reopening, with or without the offer of a free coffee mug or T-shirt to the first hundred visitors.