Season 10, April Course: The Councils

The penitential season is nearly over... has your Lent been as fruitful as it ought? Remember that Our Lord will never be outdone in generosity; the Sacred Triduum is the perfect time for additional penance and alms. And the joys of Easter, and spring, and “Alleluia!” will soon be with us!

The Easter season will bring with it our April course. Father Arnold Trauner returns with host Stephen Heiner this month for a third season of The Councils. They will cover the Third and Fourth Lateran Councils, both Councils of Lyons, and the Councils of Vienne and Constance. Finally, they’ll wrap up the season with a two-part miniseries on the Council of Florence, which addressed various Schismatics. Eight episodes will be released throughout the month of April beginning during Easter week.

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Join host Stephen Heiner and Father Arnold Trauner to gain a more focused picture of Church history, both past and present!

The Councils, Episode 17: The Third Lateran Council

We begin another season of looking into the enormously important ecumenical Councils that have shaped Church history. The Third Lateran Council was presided over by Pope Alexander III and had as its main antagonists...

The Councils, Episode 18: The Fourth Lateran Council

The Fourth Lateran Council was needed some years after the Third Council to deal with the continuing problems with Albigensians and a new group, the Waldenses. The council was presided over by Pope Innocent...

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