Season 10, June Course: Iota Unum

The days are getting longer and warmer as spring melts into summer with its hot, humid days here in the midwestern United States. It has actually been unseasonably warm, which has brought an early arrival of many flowers. How beautiful and heartwarming the apple blossoms are! But they pale in comparison to the gift which Mother Church brings forward for our contemplation and adoration this month: Our Lord’s Sacred Heart. It is the perfect time to begin or renew an enthronement or special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

June will bring a resumption of the ongoing series Iota Unum, which covers the book by the same name written by Professor Romano Amerio. Father Arnold Trauner resumes the series with host Stephen Heiner. There will be eight episodes released this season, the topics of which will include schools, catechetics, divorce, the death penalty, and much more. It will continue to be an eye-opening series with regards to the changes wrought by Vatican II.

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Join Stephen Heiner and Father Arnold Trauner as they expound upon Professor Romano Amerio’s excellent book Iota Unum!

Iota Unum, Episode 19: Religious and Social Movements

This series which examines Professor Romano Amerio’s significant work documenting what he calls “changes in the Catholic Church” continues this season by examining the effect that Vatican II had on social movements and political...

Iota Unum, Episode 20: Schools

In this episode, Father and Stephen discuss the destruction not just of Catholic schools, but the destruction of Catholic education, the rise of (inferior) public schools, the mangling of the teacher-student relationship, and the...

Iota Unum, Episode 21: Catechetics

In this episode, Father and Stephen explore Professor Amerio’s comments on the “new catechetics,” which uses words we’ve unfortunately come to hear too often: “encounter,” “search,” “deepening,” “human dignity,” “dialogue,” etc. as substitutes for...

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