Season 4, The Catholic Home, Episode 8: The Battle for Your Child’s Soul (Part 1)


The Battle for Your Child's Soul

**PARENTAL WARNING: Parts of this episode are unsuitable for children**

Navigating our families through the dangerous waters of modern mainstream media, in particular TV and movies, is an ongoing challenge, as any parent of young children knows. In this series our hostess, Theresa, welcomes back Catholic Mums, Louise and Jacinta, who outline some basic principles and guidelines to aid parents in managing this form of entertainment. The general features of the overall field of mainstream children's movies and TV are also discussed.

For starters, two recent children's Disney movies are analysed in-depth to demonstrate some of the key issues to be on guard for.

The myth that “Disney is wholesome family entertainment” is thoroughly dispelled.

Make no mistake; there is an enormous battle taking place – and your children's souls are the casualties of this war! It is said that the first rule of warfare is “know thine enemy” - so listen up and arm yourselves.

Episode Notes:

Original Air Date: September 5, 2015
Show Run Time: 1 hour 17 minutes
Show Guest(s): Louise and Jacinta
Show Host(s): Theresa
Season 4 Sponsor:
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