The Catholic Home, Episode 22: Vaccinations: Safe and Effective? (Part 3)

Jacinta and Theresa - who attends Mary Help of Christians (Melbourne) mission, that provides the Traditional (Tridentine) Latin Mass to faithful Catholics throughout Australia - two concerned Catholic mothers, continue this mini-series introducing the concept of questioning the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations.

Although a number of issues are touched upon, the real kicker for every Catholic is the moral/ethical implications of the use of aborted-fetal cell-lines (i.e. products sourced from aborted babies) in very many vaccines. Not surprisingly, the worst physical damage seems to be caused by these vaccines, probably due to the foreign human-DNA that is accepted into the recipients’ cell nuclei and mitochondria. Additionally disconcerting, is the possible effects on males who have had such vaccines, given the aborted babies are females; hence it is foreign female DNA, to boot, that is being inserted into those baby boys’ genetic code.

Episode Notes:

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Original Air Date: October 3, 2017
Show Run Time: 54 minutes
Show Guest(s): Jacinta
Show Host(s): Theresa
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  1. Sonia Martin says:

    It has been suggested that hormones are part of the ingredients – resulting in masculine qualities in females and vice versa for males. In the transgender agenda age, wouldn’t be surprised.