Season 3, Francis Watch, Episode 3: The Bergoglio Consistory Bombshell

Bishop Donald Sanborn and Father Anthony Cekada

Bishop Donald Sanborn and Father Anthony Cekada

On this month's episode of Francis Watch, sponsored by Novus Ordo Watch, we dive into yet another thirty days worth of news coming out of modernist Rome and Bergoglio's consistory. News this month we'll cover:

*Cardinal Kasper's bombshell speech to the consistory of cardinals. *Bergoglio's praise of Kasper's speech. *Communion for the divorced and re-married. *The allowance of "penitential 2nd marriages. *Bergoglio's World Youth Day interview. *The proposal to allow parish priests to annul marriages. *Bergoglio's statement that Bishops do not need to be guardians of doctrine. Kasper's statement of "maintain, yet re-interpret" doctrine. *Bergoglio Bishop bans old mass at Fisher More College. *Bergoglio addressing his Pentecostal "brother bishop." *New Pew polls on Francis. *Bergoglio's grotesque grave robbing revelation. *Bergoglio's latest on "civil unions." *Yet another pre-Synod survey that most reject Church teaching on contraception. And so much more!

Join us as His Excellency, Bishop Donald Sanborn and Father Anthony Cekada are joined by host Justin Soeder as we discuss another thirty days in the chronicles of the Bergoglian modernist Revolution.
If you have questions for Bishop Sanborn or Father Cekada, you can send us an email at: franciswatch (at)

Executive Producer's Note: For those wondering why the show cuts off at 2 hours with no closing to the show, an explanation can be found here.

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Original Air Date: March 27, 2014
Show Run Time: 2 hours 00 minutes
Show Guest(s): Bishop Donald Sanborn, Father Anthony Cekada
Show Host(s): Justin Soeder

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Show Notes:

Ratzinger's "2nd marriage" proposal from 1972 can be found here in its entirety. See the Novus Ordo Watch story on this proposal here.

Video of Francis as he separates altar boy's hands folded in pious respect can be found here

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