The Latest from…not London

I was in London in November 2012 visiting friends and I had a chance to visit very briefly with Bishop Williamson. When we've met in London in the past there was usually more time to talk and visit, but at the time I came last year the Bishop was looking for new digs and with his dealing with various invites from around the world, we only had time for an evening tea.

At the time he let me know that the St. Marcel Initiative would have a publishing arm and that as part of the support of his apostolate St. Marcel would be putting out his works through that publishing house and we have spent the past months transferring to them the electronic "guts" of the books we have published as well as working on sending a certain number of the Letters from the Rector books to him to sell through his own publishing house. Publishing is a particularly slow-moving business and these things take time which is why we have not given any updates until now.

As we have been such a long-time "Dino Distributor," this leaves us with some unfinished business. All of those who pre-ordered the Collected Sermons and Conferences of Bishop Williamson in 2012 were promised a "schema workbook" that was to be published in 2013 by us. It has been decided that it was best to interrupt this project on the TRP side and send it to the Bishop's new publishing house. TRP will guarantee that the commitment of the free copy of the book to those customers will stand, but cannot give any estimate of a publishing date at this time. I will be in contact with each of those customers by email personally.

There are also two previously unreleased works I've done with the Bishop. One is a 2011 interview I did with the Bishop which could not be released because of the "interview ban" that Bishop Fellay had imposed. The other, much less controversial, is another wonderful part of the long-running "Poetry Series" (you can find links to the other parts in the sidebar) which the bishop and I worked on. It is on W.B. Yeats' "A Prayer for My Daughter." Both items will be released in coming months.

While True Restoration Press has never made its financial relationship with the Bishop public, given that he has his own apostolate now, we feel compelled to disclose that the Bishop now receives royalties on all work sold by True Restoration. Let it also be known that the Bishop does now, and has always, owned all the copyrights to his work. True Restoration will continue to sell its remaining stock of "Dino" sermons and conferences, until the stock is depleted, which will probably be around the time that all the new printings of the books will be rolling out of the Bishop's house (as mentioned above, publishing is a slow-moving industry).

On a personal note, I have genuinely enjoyed collaborating with the Bishop for the last 6 years and I look forward to his future books and interviews with the St. Marcel Initiative, which will pick up from True Restoration's work from 2006-2012. For now, I may share that the Bishop is in good health and is looking forward to this next chapter in his episcopal career. He's certainly been unleashed from the "episcopal penalty box" and is out with the faithful, who need his great sermons and encouraging conversation. He is thankful for the support and prayers that you have expressed to him through me and TRP. For my part, I am thankful for all that I have learned and continue to learn from him. My time with him has been an enormous privilege and blessing.

Stephen Heiner

Stephen lives in Paris, France. He founded True Restoration in 2006.

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