Trad Reviews debuts with a Special Guest

Today at 11am EST, we debut Trad Reviews - the show devoted to the discussion and thoughtful commentary on books, films, stories, and even board games. A light-hearted conversational show where we take a look outside of things in the realm of the crisis, doctrine, history, or timely issues.

On today's show, we discuss the Legion of Decency, the Index of Forbidden books, and other topics.

We also have a nice surprise guest for the show...

Stephen is joined by none other than Charles A. Coulombe who gives his thoughtful insight on the title topics, as well as his personal reflections on seeing the movie and film industry go from one that was carefully guided by the watchful hand of Holy Mother Church, to one that has descended to the pit of anti-Christian immorality, impurity, immodesty, and decadence.

Check out the show, give us your feedback, and enjoy Charles' 2014 debut on the Restoration Radio Network.

Show link: Trad Reviews I: The Legion of Decency & The Index of Forbidden Books

Programming Note: We have received a considerable amount on inquiries as to the status of the  Charles' namesake show Catholic History with Charles Coulombe. Rest easy - the show is coming back. As you'll hear Charles confirm in this show (and as we did on the season end host's show for season II), we will be doing some history shows this season, and in particular, we will be doing part II of Catholicism & the South. However, the earliest this show will air will be the 2nd half of March, since scheduling conflicts exist between everyone.

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