True Restoration Regional Conference in June

Messrs. Charles Coulombe and John Sharpe were coming to Kansas City this month to speak to a small group of men on some subjects.  Other attendees suggested that both Dr. David Allen White and Dr. E. Michael Jones come to speak as well.  I reached out and am honored that both men are coming.  Two speakers might be a private affair, but four is a conference, like it or not.

I hope that this rather diverse group of speakers for an impromptu conference signals True Restoration's once and future stance: we stand for truth and do not believe that we can only collaborate with those with whom we agree 100%.  That was a luxury afforded to those in the past.  In the current crisis, it is not ours.  We've gathered a group of erudite speakers who are learned and care about Catholicism, though all do not agree about best remedies to the current crisis.  It will be left to you, the layman, to learn with your brain, to contemplate with prayer, and to act when things are made clear to you, with loyalty to the Church, not to a religious congregation.

Here is the most current copy of the schedule:

I think you're going to find these talks engaging and interesting, but given the short notice, I can imagine that plane airfares will be pricey (but it doesn't hurt to check: I use but those within a driving distance can come in for the Saturday part of the conference only, which includes dinner with Dr. White at a great Austrian restaurant in the evening.

Cost is $350 for all three days, $150 for Saturday ONLY.  All meals are included.

There are 5 full scholarships available for high-school, undergraduate, and graduate students.  Travel is not included.

For questions of attendance or scholarship, please write to truerestoration at gmail dot com.

More announcements to come in the days ahead.

Stephen Heiner

Stephen lives in Paris, France, where he attends Mass celebrated by the clergy of the IMBC. He founded True Restoration in 2006.

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4 Responses

  1. dolorosa says:

    That's great. It looks to me like the crisis will continue because the pope plans to go to Assisi in October and because they are mixing the Latin and Novus Ordo Mass (using altar girls, etc.) How about the warning of St. Pius X about the one world religion? Could it be alittle Novus Ordo mixed with Latin and other false religions to appease everyone? Perhaps you can get a question or two answered for me as to how far should a catholic cooperate with the New World Order. I mean is it up to individuals as to getting a national ID card? Could the Bible's mark of the beast be next?

  2. For any readers interested, we have posted summaries of most of the presentations from the conference at Durendal:

  3. Diogenes says:

    Will the lectures be made available for purchase? I would be very interested in purchasing some or all of them.

  4. Diogenes

    Soon enough. Keep posted.