Two new videos, both insightful

Cardinal Burke did a short video with CNS which is insightful.  His takeaway quote: "The SSPX will have to have a more...concrete...obedience."  I'll leave that to your imagination.

Part 2 of the sham Fr. Rostand interview also came out this morning.  There is a dark humor in Father's inability to really finish his sentence (about the issue of "secrecy) as the interview closes.  Softball after softball was lobbed at Father, with no follow-up and no questioning of either one-dimensional answers or questions *not* answered.  Disappointing, as previously released "talking points" were simply rehashed, with no challenge, in video instead of just by text.

Stephen Heiner

Stephen lives in Moret-sur-Loing, France. He founded True Restoration in 2006.

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1 Response

  1. Great short snip with Cardinal Burke.
    He is a great prelate and the Church is blessed to have him.

    Cardinal Burke for Bishop of Rome!