Video Interview with Bishop Richard Williamson in London, June 2009, Part II

Find below Part II of the interview I did with Bishop Richard Williamson in London in June of this year. This interview is mostly about cultural matters. While these videos are not available for download, you may purchase them from True Restoration Press on DVD for $10. These discs will play either in your DVD player (if your player will play WMV files) or on your computer. You may do so either by remitting $10 ($15 for international orders) via Paypal to truerestoration at or mail a check/money order to 9300 W 87th Terrace; Overland Park, KS 66212; USA. In either case you should specify your mailing address.

There are controls in the player that allow you to rewind or fast-forward based on question number. Please report any technical problems with the player to truerestoration at

Stephen Heiner

Stephen lives in Paris, France. He founded True Restoration in 2006.

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8 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Mr. Heiner:

    This interview is simply EXCELLENT !!

    I am thinking about how wise, clear, profound, and enlighting they are, and then I compare it with many clergy today (and even the Pope's words… ) and I hope not to offend anyone, but Bishop Williamson's words are much, much better.

    Having him in this captivity is such a waste, a diservice to the church today, and particularly to the SSPX.

    Thank you for the interview. I look forward for more. And KUDOS to Bishop Williamson. Many ears are wide open learning from him!

  2. Angelopeter says:

    A truly brilliant light that I have learned from Bishop Williamson, even prior to this great interview, is that there are powerful men within media,film,finances,gov……. that are not simply evil men unaware and ignorant of their sin, BUT there are those who are actual satanic members of secret societies KNOWINGLY, and CONSCIOUSLY doing the work of their father Satan to force his agenda of world domination, death and destruction.

    May God bless you Bishop Williamson!! and you as well Mr. Heiner for bringing his wisdom to the minds and hearts of us catholics who need bishops/priests to speak the Lord's truth with fearless confidence.

    As Our Lord said, " I have come so you should know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

  3. +

    Thanks a lot,

    Listening this 2nd "lecture" from His Eccellency was a read plaisir.

    I hope that this internet experience can became his new world wide "cathedra". He can help us to understand this world as catholic.

    Let's know to his Eccellency that we support Him with our prayers and that we hope to listen other interviews, lectures, explanation and so on …

    Thanks so much !

    Laudetur Iesus Christus !

    RZL – Radio Zone Libre


  4. Stephen Hand says:

    The great service you have given the world in these interviews, Stephen, is in showing the man whom the media has demonized. May the world see and, above all, listen.


  5. rbjmartin says:

    I agree that this is an excellent interview. I can hardly find anything to disagree with when it comes to the opinions of Bishop Williamson. He holds a truly Catholic appetite for truth, and he is fearless in his pursuit of it, no matter how uncomfortable or unpopular those truths are. Truly, this man is blessed with the gift of wisdom.

    As a supplement to Bishop Williamson's recommended reading on economic issues, I'd also like to suggest the writings of Mish Shedlock, who, I understand, is a Catholic a truth-teller when it comes to the economy. You can find his blog at:

  6. A very Merry and blessed Christmas to His Excellency Bishop Williamson!

  7. SuperLILC2 says:

    Excellent! This needs to be widely circulated.

  8. SuperLILC2 says:

    Excellent! This interview needs to be widely circulated.